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How does TeeToon actually work?

Welcome to TeeToon. We are going to focus on what makes the TeeToon app unique from a design perspective to help golfers of all levels improve their swing. Whether you are holding a club for the first time or you're a single-digit handicap golfer, TeeToon has swing analysis tools that will offer insight into your key body movements that lead to a predictable efficient golf swing.

Golf coaching has two different viewpoints from which the coach views the student. The first position is located with the coach standing behind the golfer, with the coach looking directly at the target. This position is referred to as down the line. This viewpoint provides a great perspective for the coach to help the golfer line up to the direction in which they want to hit the shot. It also helps the coach see the ball fly and diagnose the result of that shot. The second viewpoint has the coach standing to the side of the golfer. From this position the coach is looking at the golfer and the target is at a 90-degree angle to the coach. This position is referred to as face-on in golf instruction. This viewpoint provides the best perspective for the coach to view the body movement of the golfer and their swing.

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The goal of the TeeToon app is to help the golfer analyze their swing. The app does not focus on the result of the golfer's shot. It is the belief of the TeeToon team that a golfer can learn how to properly use the body movement to successfully move the club, then good shots will follow. TeeToon uses the face-on viewpoint because the app is designed to analyze body movement. The golfer places their camera in the face-on position and records a swing. The swing can be recorded with or without a ball.

Remember, the app is not analyzing the ball or the shot result, but the body movement of the swing. During the swing, the app is measuring the movement that occurs by the top and bottom of the spine or the players head and hips. It pays attention to the horizontal and vertical changes of the spine during this golf swing. As the golfer swings the club, the position of the spine is compared to where it started in the setup position before the golfer began to move. These changes either put the golfer in position for a successful swing or cause the golfer to move in a manner that leads to unpredictable and inefficient positions. If the golfer is in good positions, the app will respond accordingly. If the golfer is in unpredictable and inefficient positions, the app will show the undesired movements, explain the cause of such movement, and give suggestions or helpful drills to fix the movement.

Once a golfer can use the app to diagnose their body movement, they have unlocked unlimited potential of the app. Swing history, comparing body movement scores, comparing scores between different clubs, and more are all great uses of the app. Hopefully you have a better understanding of how the app works and what we are trying to do for you.

Remember we are measuring body movement not shot result analysis.

Good luck and it's time to get tooned.


What does it mean to be a Beta Tester?

Our app is still undergoing development, and as a Beta Tester, you help provide valuable feedback on how the app is working for you. What do you like? What don't you like? What would make the app better? With your feedback and suggestions, we will continue to make improvements to provide a better app.

Do I have to hit a ball for the app to work?

No, the app is measuring the swing and body motion. You do not need to hit a ball.

Where do i place the camera to take the video?

Across from the player looking at you in a facing the player position.

Does it matter which club i use?

The club does not matter. The app will work with a wood or iron. Just a full swing is required.

How fast do I need to swing?

Try to swing close to 100% full speed.

Why is my analysis so slow?

The app requires a full cellular or wifi signal. Any interruptions in this signal could cause your analysis to be delayed. Please provide feedback on any delayed analysis.

Who do I contact for Technical Support?

Please email [email protected] for any technical support.

How do I provide feedback or suggestions for the app?

Please fill in our feedback form.
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